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In Michigan you’ll find a wealth of manufacturing technology resources and experts to set you on the right path for your business.

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The Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) is promoting Industry 4.0 technologies through investments and grants to regional economic developers and organizations that support Michigan manufacturers, such as Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center – West and Automation Alley. Both of these organizations offer resources to help Michigan businesses adopt advanced technologies.

Automation Alley is a nonprofit organization focused on supporting manufacturing and technology businesses in Michigan with educational materials and opportunities. Subscribe to their digital knowledge center, attend technology events and grow your business with customized solutions that propel your business forward.

Your partner for technological improvements, take Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center – West’s assessment today to start your journey to business growth through Industry 4.0 technologies. Learn more about their assessment below.

Apply for up to $110,000 to invest in your business and receive individual technical support and introductions to other leaders to grow your business.

Technology Opportunity Assessment

The Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center – West offers a Technology Opportunity Assessment to guide your business as you plan for future growth opportunities through Industry 4.0  technologies.

What is it?

Assessments take approximately two hours to complete. Questions include your business and customer perspectives, process documentation and any existing automation applications currently in use. You’ll also need a few financial metrics in order to complete all 40 questions successfully.


Example Technology Questionnaire

1 What is the company strategy for technology adoption? 10 5 5
2 Are processes managed as value streams or through silos? 5 10 10
3 How do you determine customer expectations? 1 5 5
4 How is performance data collected? 5 5 10
5 How involved are you in product design? 5 5 10
6 What types of mapping/simulation is used in your management model? 5 5 10
7 How is performance data tied to business results? 1 5 10


What does it cost?

Assessments are currently no cost to complete due to funding provided by the Michigan Strategic Fund.

How will it help my business?

Upon completion of the assessment, manufacturers will receive a report that outlines opportunities for the greatest return on investment and increased efficiency. From this report, Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center – West will create a customized plan to implement technologies into your facility including:

  • Adoption Strategy
  • Project Scope
  • Supplier Recommendations

Take the assessment today!